Books in News – The Melody Lies in Between is a Candid and Hopeful Collection of Poetry by a Social Media Influencer

Published by The Adventure of Writing Publisher, the Melody Lies in Between is a collection of poetry by the Instagram famous poet: By Meee. The book looks into themes of silent restless thoughts of a poet, and at times it raises hope when the poet longs to break free from barriers of the world which he/she finds everywhere. In addition to that the book is a reflection of a poet who loves playing with words and how they impact the strings of hearts.

At times dark, in between inspiring, the book offers mixed feelings of being lonely and finding hope of a balanced world for artistic souls. Words have the power to sway our hearts and this book is exactly fits in that domain. It has got authority and power, the words are impactful, can make any diligent poetry lover fall for its veracity and authenticity. Lost for hope or too timid to find it, the Melody Lies in Between will mitigate your heavy load and unburden your heart.

The book is very short but gives out readers a lot to think about. It is full of amazing poetic content, free-flowing, like we see on social media. The title itself is very thought-provoking. Highly recommended! Deserves to be among the reading fraternities!

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About the Author:

‘By Meee’ has chosen this name so everyone can put themselves into the poems and stories without having any gender identity. By Meee posts small poetry and quotes on Facebook and Instagram under the name

“The Melody Lies In Between” is about finding the light in between dark lines, the author wants the audience not just to read a poem but also give the reader a perspective to reflect on. The book is a journey through feelings that for some may be hidden. The author wants to take the reader in hand on an emotional journey to tell them that they aren’t alone.

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