Books in News – Scar on the Moon by Sandesh Raj is a Crime Noir of Different League

Published by Notion Press, Scar on the Moon by Sandesh Raj is a terrific crime thriller novel with a tinge of altruistic elements in the end. The novel features Chandrika as its protagonist. She is dark – her mother and society sneers at her. In the Indian social culture, being a dark woman is a matter of concern for parents and marriage. Chandrika’s sweeps of childhood and family history is interesting.

She longed to have a glamorous career like other girls but fate took her into the police services of Himachal Pradesh. Be it a force or normal society, the author painted the harsh reality of being a dark woman grimly as she is looked down everywhere. Chandrika’s fight against personal bias is phenomenal. She handles it with a calm composure.

The other side of the novel is about Varunika, a famous ravishing model. Some guys are harassing her at a resort. Soon the informal investigation turns into a tightly–packed crime investigation when Varunika’s husband Hardik is murdered. Since Chandrika is influenced by the model and wished to look like her, she is initially soft at investigation. However, the guilt within her inspires to solve it completely. In addition to that Chandrika was pissed off by her senior police officers, they were not only shallow with justice but also careless about their duty. Chandrika slowly and gradually connects the dots and reaches to the criminal transcending the bedlam of resort…but the past life of the model and Hardik jolts her.

The novel has unique proposition and holds a promising entertainment for crime and murder mystery readers. Chandrika’s characterization is a stand-alone factor that makes the novel gripping and unputdownable till the last line. An amazing read, it deserved to be heard in optimum light of praise.

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About the Author:

Sandesh Raj is an IT professional who aspires to write scripts for the film industry. He is a post-graduate in Management and Computers. He is constantly on the lookout for fresh material to create his fictional worlds. He is the author of Amazon Bestseller Novels: The Village School, The Burning School and Trafficked Innocence. Scar on the Moon is his fourth book.

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