Press Release – Embrace Magnificence by Mohamed Abdulla is a Fountain of Knowledge

Published by Notion Press in both the formats, Embrace Magnificence by Mohamed Abdulla is a different level non-fiction book with fine blending of science, philosophy, spirituality and a few more themes. The book stretches over 80 pages with five chapters.

The main objective of the book is to educate readers about the incredible powers of Almighty. It is because of him the life on Earth and celestial things in the Universe are in perfect harmony and equilibrium. While reading this book, readers may feel the logic that in the universe things are not random or by chance – there is a proper rationalization and runs a powerful equilibrium.

The author covered almost all the aspects that support the functioning of the universe and life on earth. Those who will read the book at their own pace and convenience will be able to tap the knowledge it holds within. Each chapter often starts with the author’s story and then gradually it converges to the concept. From Big Bang theory to the level of oxygen in our atmosphere to sleep pattern to Yin Yang energy to types of brains – almost all scientific concepts have been explained nicely with lucid language and easy-to-follow examples.

Much focus has been given on equilibrium that supports life and working of our body and mind. The examples are mind-blowing and in between short stories cover up the fictional gap in the book. This book is itself a rarity for its genre. Probably, the author took inspiration from some religious books and later on combined and cross checked the concepts with science. By all means, the book is different and modern in its stance. It provides a new perspective to all of us and most importantly reminds us to remain thankful to the Almighty for creating everything in the equilibrium state.

As the author asserts in the end, “Embrace magnificence every moment of your life.” Automatically, a sense of gratitude will swell up as and when readers move ahead with the book and its beautifully selected concepts.

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About the Author:

Mohamed Abdulla was born in Tamil Nadu, India. He completed B.E. Mechanical in 2013. By profession, he is a crash and safety engineer, and so far worked with renowned automobile companies like GM, Ford, and so on.

Since early days, he was passionate about writing. He wrote many articles, poetry in his mother tongue Tamil. His notable works of Minnalazhagae (Lightning Beauty), Story of a Sculpture are well received and highly appreciated by his school and college tutors. He is more inclined towards spiritual and scientific subjects. He loves to teach science for students.

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